The Best SEO Companies In Canada

The Best SEO Companies In Canada

Since the birth of content marketing and other online promotion campaigns for businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing companies have started sprouting just about everywhere.

In Canada, the competition in the e-commerce and marketing world is just as stiff and tight as anywhere else in the world. Even so, there are a few chosen companies who have seriously taken the challenge and probably worked twice as hard to make sure they’ll stay strong in the industry.

Know about their edges and strategies that made them the big deal they are today.

Page Power SEO

  • Relatively new to the consulting spacing, PagePowerSEO starting offering SEO services in Canada in 2015. These guys have an embarrassment of talent in terms of SEO knowledge and experience.
  • With over 30 years of experience, they worked for the top adult and eCommerce websites in the world.
  • They specialize in Serp growth and Google Penalty recovery, but they offer a wide arrange of SEM services. Including PPC, Reputation management and App Optimization.

Top Draw

  • This company started from being a web design company, and have kept trying to improve their business. Now, they are also one of Canada’s leading SEO companies.
  • They have a team of expert designers who are also great marketing strategists. Imagine being able to hit two birds with just a single stone. Their objective has remained the same over the years, to help businesses win online.
  • They are also experts in handling responsive websites and also applications that are based entirely on the web.
  • As a great add-on to their already awesome features and services, their clients also gave positive reviews on their customer care department. They are said to be responsive to queries and are also good in reports and documentation.


SEO Brand

  • With a name so powerful in the field, this company has branded itself to be the standard in doing search engine optimization marketing services for businesses.
  • This award-winning SEO company boasts the big names they have worked for through the years, including the elusive Giorgio Armani, LG, and Forbes.
  • SEO Brand also has a team of expert artists who think business and are also great in programming and software development. They offer an irresistible all-in-one package that is great for any business line.
  • Of all the SEO companies found online, this one has the best reviews when it comes to the bang for the buck. Though not necessarily cheap, it is clear their clients get what they pay for.

Cheeky Monkey Media Inc.

  • With more than 200,000 hours spent helping individual clients and businesses through the years they have operated, this one is clearly very experienced in the field.
  • They have worked with WordPress and Drupal, which gives them the edge of having the ability to work with web site designs and promotion campaigns at the same time.
  • Their SEO marketing services have been rated 5 out of 5 stars many times by their satisfied loyal customers, making them one of the most sought after SEO companies in Canada.
  • Their wide range of experience in the business has gained them clients in Canada and in the US as well.


  • Specializing in law firm marketing services, this company can very well be included in the list of prime SEO marketing companies in Canada. Their high regard for professionalism as a result of working with lawyers is probably what made them the popular company they are today.
  • They do web site design and development services, mainly handling responsive web sites. They also provide highly effective SEO marketing strategies applicable for a diverse line of products and services.
  • Passionate in the digital world, they have also began making a name for themselves in mobile app development and even content marketing services.
  • Some of their valued customers include Telus and Alberta Health Services.

Ignite Digital

  • This competitive company does a wide range of high quality digital marketing jobs. They have been in the business for quite some time, and have gained a loyal following in their web application and custom web site services.
  • Apart from web and mobile services, they also do great quality SEO marketing for various types of businesses.
  • Most of the reviews they get from clients say how much these people love how Ignite Digital knows every little thing about digital marketing. They say no other company knows SEO as much as this one do. Very impressive.
  • Some of their high end clients include Maple Leaf and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

  • com has gained popularity not only in Canada but also in the US. Due to its high volume of clients, it has quickly earned the trust of many high end businesses in the field on e-commerce.
  • They have initially specialized in pay per click services, and have also started offering creative web services including design and setup.
  • com also remains to be among the best SEO marketing companies that can also handle social media integration and other digital marketing campaigns.
  • Their effective business marketing and online advertising services has kept them on the topmost part of the trusted companies today.


In such a very competitive industry like SEO marketing, to last for years and gain a loyal following is a great achievement already. To thrive in this busy world, a company must keep improving its craft and continue providing effective results with the services it offers.

While it is a booming industry, one must remember that it takes guts and hard work to really make it here. If you are among the businesses looking for the SEO company to trust your business to, it is an easy choice to take the above mentioned companies as your default selection.

Even so, it would definitely not hurt to also check out other companies who are still new in the business, for they are more likely to have fresher ideas. Whichever path you choose to take, remember to also do your homework, research, and then go from there.

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Francisco Leon de Vivero, became passionate about Search Engine Optimization in 2007, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Trade. An Entrepreneur, team player and problem solver with over 8 years of experience providing solutions to clients in the marketing and technology industry. Francisco has an extensive knowledge of SEO and SEM, working with renowned brands many of which are amongst the world’s top 50 most visited websites.