Kate Middleton Is Already on Board With Winter’s Biggest Hair Trend (2024)

Chalk it up to an affinity for juxtaposition, but as the winter gets colder, hair trends can’t help but heat up. It’s a yearly occurrence. The holiday season brings about hair accessory experimentation, hair colors quite literally take on a warmer tone as temperatures cool, and cuts get (just a hair) chicer. “I anticipate a shift towards more natural and effortless looks for the winter,” says hair pro Abby Haliti. “Expect to see a rise in low-maintenance styles, like lived-in balayage and subtle color melts, reflecting a desire for understated elegance that complements the cozy winter vibes.”

In that vein, we'll witness an uptick in effortless bangs accompanying classic cuts, ribbons and bows at every juncture, and hair colors that ooze an aura of haute couture. There’s a trend for every hair type and texture and plenty of hair inspiration to see us through the season. To get a dose of winter-approved looks before your holiday hair appointment, scroll ahead. Top hair stylists and colorists are breaking down the biggest winter 2024 hair trends.

The Winter Haircut Trends


If there ever was a time to take bangs for a test run, it’s this winter. From a practical standpoint, your new set will style easily. “I highly recommend trying them in the winter when it’s not too hot out,” says Melissa Parizot, co-owner and stylist at IGK’s New York City salon. Humidity isn’t as much of a concern, so your bangs are more likely to stay full of life—and not matted to your head.

Bangs—whether their baby, curtain, or blunt in nature—are also on the up and up. Need proof? Look at the one and only Kate Middleton’s ‘70s-inspired fringe, Taylor Swift’s adoption of the heavy side bang, or even Cardi B’s (momentary) heavy, blunt bangs courtesy of a wig.

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Textured Shags

The shag haircut has already had approximately nine lives throughout the year. There’s the return of the mullet, the bixie (pixie + mullet + bob), and even the octopus haircut (think: edgy yet effortless). And don’t expect the cut to go anywhere, anytime soon. “The shag haircut, with its effortless, tousled layers, will continue to gain popularity. This versatile style suits various hair lengths and textures, making it a go-to for those seeking a trendy yet low-maintenance option,” says Haliti.

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Choppy Bobs

While blunt bobs certainly had a moment this past summer, the winter is bringing more layered, laid-back cuts into the fold. “The classic bob gets a modern twist with choppy layers and strategically placed lowlights,” says Haliti. “This style provides movement and dimension, making it a versatile choice for Winter.” Megan Fox is just one of many celebs hopping on board with the trend, but her take alone might just be enough to convince you to go for the chop.

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The Winter Hair Color Trends

A Hint of Red

This specific tone has taken on many different names over the course of the past few weeks. Think: Cowboy Copper or Gingerbread Red. “Gingerbread red is more of a muted copper with very warm, brown and golden undertones,” says Parizot. “I think it’s gained popularity because it’s more versatile for different skin tones (being that a vibrant copper isn’t exactly flattering on everyone) and it’s also much less maintenance, and more gentle on the hair than a vibrant copper is.” Shay Mitchell is the latest celeb to hop on board with the trend, but we’ve seen Shay Mitchell, Megan Thee Stallion, and Riley Keough all get on board.

Warm Brondes

“As far as the overall winter hair aesthetic goes, I’m seeing a shift in more warm tones. Not only are people asking for them, but I’ve been encouraging my clients to play around with some warmer, more golden, deeper hues,” explains IGK co-founder Olivia Casanova. “It’s a great way to help your skin appear brighter in the winter months.”

Think of the tone like a candlelit brunette. “It’s a warm brown, with subtle, golden face-framing highlights—almost as if it’s mimicking reflection from a candle,” adds Parizot. “This has also gained popularity because it’s customizable to so many different hair types, colors and textures. It’s also relatively low maintenance.”

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Raven Brown

Chock it up to Priscilla or an appreciation for Old Hollywood glam, but a brown-boarderline black hue is without a doubt on the up. “This is a mix of black and brown hues, creating a soft, brown-black shade,” says Parizot. “It’s a classic color that exudes elegance. This also works for multiple hair textures. The only downside is that it’s a lot of maintenance if you’re naturally on the lighter side.”

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Silver Stunner

"Embracing and enhancing natural grays will continue to be on-trend," says Haliti, pointing to celebrities like Hilarie Burton, Helen Mirren, and Meryl Streep. "This look celebrates authenticity and individuality, with soft transitions that create a harmonious blend." You can transition your hair gradually (and make the grow out appear less stark) with visits to your colorists.

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The Winter Hairstyle Trends

The Ultimate Updo

“Updos are having a huge moment this winter as galas, holiday parties and everything are back full force,” says Parizot. While you can’t go wrong with a sleek chignon or braided bun, a messier rendition is what’s trending. “This specific updo is soft, romantic and can be flattering on all face shapes because some pieces of hair are pulled out to frame the face.”

All Tied Up

After Fashion Month declared bows the accessory of the season, their presence has proliferated. Whether it’s a bow clip or ribbon, sweet and feminine hair accessories are blowing up. “With updos and fashion being back in full force, so are accessories,” says Parizot. “Ribbons are a fun way to play around, whether it’s just to play up your hairstyle, or to actually pull your hair back, softly. The variation of fabric you can use makes it easy to dress this either up or down for all occasions as well.”

Bold Braids

Elaborate braided styles adorned with accessories like pearls, ribbons, or delicate pins will be a major trend,” says Haliti. “This playful yet sophisticated look provides a stylish way to keep hair in check during winter.”

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Meet the Experts

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Olivia Casanova

A born and raised New Yorker,Olivia Casanova, co-owner of IGK Salon New York and master colorist with over a decade of experience, has worked her entire career between New York City and LA, working alongside some of the top names in the industry.Known for her natural looks and detailed eye for seamless perfection, she has become one of the most sought after colorists in NYC.Olivia works with each client to tailor a look that fits their lifestyle, and one that effortlessly enhances their natural beauty. She’s worked with celebrities and royalty such as: Maluma, Johnathan Cheban, Karrueche, and princess of Monaco, Pauline Ducuret. Her color work has been featured in: Vogue Arabia, Vogue Beauty Korea, Instyle Spain, L’Officiel Italy, and KKW beauty.Having numerous inputs in articles with Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, Mane Addicts, the Zoe report, Byrdie, and more, Olivia continues to be a part of the new generation of trend setting colorists.

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Melissa Parizot

Melissa is the co-owner of IGK New York and a master hairstylist.

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Abby Haliti

Abby Haliti is a hair colorist committed to enhancing hair health and promoting sustainable beauty practices.Her approachable personality and "Less is More" philosophy, utilizing organic techniques and treatments, have gained her a devoted following.Abby's goal is to not only keep clients fashionable, but also to maintain the health of their hair. She has spread her signature "European Method" of hair coloring through international collaborations with top salons in destinations like the Middle East and Latin America.Abby takes a meticulous approach to hair coloring, ensuring every detail is considered to achieve fashionable results that prioritize the health of the hair. It is important to remember that hair is often the first aspect of a person's appearance that is noticed, and hair coloring can make a powerful statement.Healthy hair is the foundation of beautiful hair.

Kate Middleton Is Already on Board With Winter’s Biggest Hair Trend (2024)
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