Using SEO To Rank A Website In Canada

Using SEO To Rank A Website In Canada

Way back before e-commerce and other online businesses have taken the world by storm, we did not care much about the internet. Sure, it was not called the “Information Highway” for nothing. It was also a means of communication. But it was quite a welcome surprise that it could be used to run businesses from just about anywhere in the world.

Now that digital marketing is the trend, both online and offline businesses are investing in website design and marketing. To fully penetrate in the online business world is to reach millions of people around the globe, given that you are seriously focused in your website ranking.

Search engines have quickly turned into go-to sites as they seem to have an answer for anything and everything. It is how students research, how we look for home remedies for all sorts of sicknesses, how we check the stocks, everything. It is so rampant that businesses invest so much in having a high rank in them, and very understandably so.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing has been invented, and has remained to be a must-have for any business that wishes to invest in online promotions.

A good SEO ranking is always great for any business. It represents the status of your business and the popularity of your website among the whole internet population. In the case of Canada-based websites, a high SEO rating means you have successfully made a name for your business in your country. Wherever you may be located at the moment, a good SEO ranking is essential to be sure you thrive in such a competitive world.

How SEO ranking workHow exactly does SEO ranking work in Canada?

  • In Canada, there is a website called It is perhaps one of the most trusted website to check out when you want to check how your business is doing in the web. They provide tips and tricks for businesses to pick up if they think there are rooms for improvement for their ranking.
  • Since Google is the most visited search engine, you can first concentrate on it before going to the others. Google has been such a big name online, that it keeps being the standard. For example, Google Canada is so popular that its frequent visitors do not just include people from the said country. Some of its visitors are from the US and even China. If you manage to have a good ranking in Google Canada, you can already take comfort in the fact that your website can also reach out to potential customers from other parts of the world.
  • Be mindful in using keywords. Keywords can rightfully be referred to as SEO’s backbone. You have to use fresh keywords for your website content, and make it as specific as possible. This will make your website easily searched for, and will not compete with other sites using generic keywords. For example, instead of just using a generic “cleaning services”, you can use a more specific “HVAC cleaning services Alberta”. As a general rule of thumb, the more specific, the better.
  • Keywords should be used often, but it is also important not to overuse them. While it certainly is a criteria where SEO ranking is based on, overusing keywords will make your content sound forced. Worse, it can even ban your website for spamming. Just remember to keep it as natural sounding as possible.
  • Make sure your website loads reasonably fast. Thankfully, this one is easy to do as there is now a free online tool called Pingdom. You can use it to check your website’s load speed. Take note that the resolution of the images you include in your website posts affect the loading speed. You have to remember that while it is always good to use rich images, the load speed should still be considered.
  • Use a local web hosting company. If you’re based in Canada, use a hosting company from where you are located. This is especially true if most of your customers are from your place. It will make your site load faster, which is always a delightful experience for your clients.
  • Incorporate rich content. Now that websites are just about everywhere, it all depends on what your website can offer to its visitors. Try to make your website as interesting and informative as possible. It is not enough to just put press releases and your items there. It will help generate traffic when you include interesting content that is also relevant to what you are promoting. There is a popular business saying that goes “Instead of selling the product, sell the problem it solves.”
  • Make use of backlinking. SEO ranking is also determined by the number of links that directly goes to your website. The more backlinks your website has, the more it shows how much other websites trust you. It will show search engines that you have relevant content. Now that backlinking has become so popular, there are several websites offering link exchange. They provide backlinks for you, and you do that for them as well.
  • Keep your contents updated. This one should already be a given, but most websites still seem to overlook. People’s interests keep changing through time. Trends change fast, and it is vital that your website reflects these changes. If you lose your market’s interest, it can be dangerous for your rating.

In SEO marketing, content and keywords are two very important things. One research even said that “Content is king.” That means we should take content marketing very seriously, too.

Looking to the tips above, we can only conclude one thing: your website’s SEO ranking will depend on you. How much you work on it, how much you update it. Any business requires its own set of maintenance measures to keep it working well, and when it comes to websites keeping its stand in this fast paced world, SEO ranking is the number one maintenance it needs.

There are plenty of studies available online, at the comfort of your own fingertips, which can help you improve you knowledge in digital marketing. Take the time to know your market and how to please them. Be updated with current trends and then you can go from there.

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