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How To Rank A Website In Canada

How To Rank A Website In Canada

In digital marketing and all things e-commerce, search engine ranking seems to be such a defining factor to know if your website is well into the competition or not. Apparently, when it is on the first few pages of a search engine, it is doing great in the business. If not, then it is certainly something you have to seriously work on.

One might think that ranking a website is just the same anywhere in the world. While that may be true, since the strategies used are quite universal, it is also vital to prioritize your target market every step of the way. This way, you can be sure that they will always feel appreciated, and will be frequenting your site more often.

Target audiences and people’s interests vary from country to country. What might work for the US might not have the same effect in other countries.

Here, we talk about how you can effectively rank your website in Canada.

  • How popular is

In Canada, as in most countries where it exists, Google is the most visited and the most trusted search engine. It remains in the top spot, and what’s interesting is that though a huge chunk of its visitors are from the country itself, they also have frequent visitors from China and the US.

If your business takes a great ranking in, you will not only be able to reach to Canada-based people, but also from potential buyers from all over the world.

  • Why should you increase your rating in search engines?

To increase a website’s rating is to place it at the top spot. People now are so busy that when they are looking for something in a search engine, if they don’t see it right on the first page, they will probably just search for a different one. To address this, most businesses who have fully embraced digital marketing resorted to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • How can you improve your SEO rating and ranking?Improve SEO rankings
  1. Be careful in the keywords you use. The keywords are what make your posts unique. The more specific they are, the better. There are various resources now to know if you’re using a fresh keyword or not. Fresh keywords are needed in your site as they are what can drive your site to the first pages. The key is to always narrow down broad categories. Example, instead of just saying “catering services”, you can use “wedding catering services Alberta”.
  2. Use high quality graphics that are relevant to your posts. Always use graphics that are in high resolution, but be careful with that too, as it can make your site load slow. In general, graphics should have alt tags that would create backlinks to your website. It is also helpful to make appropriate file names to your images. As a rule, make it as specific as you can.
  3. Make use of back links. Backlinking is the soul of SEO marketing. Now that it is such an essential part of business, more and more websites offer link exchange programs. They provide links that will direct their visitors and subscribers to your site, and in return, you also provide the same benefit for them. It is a win-win situation that is very welcome in online marketing.
  4. Keep your website updated. When your site visitors see that it is outdated and only contains contents from last year, they will instantly have the notion that it is an old website and is not being taken care of.
  • In Canada, there is a website called ca. It has gained popularity over the years since it provides pretty accurate results about your website’s current ranking in the web. They use data from Google Canada, and has since became the go-to site for businesses when it is time to evaluate where they stand in the competition.
  • It is also helpful to check out as many search engines as you know is popular in Canada to have a wider perspective of the areas you have to improve on. There are a few more search engines, such as Bing, MSN,
  • Be mindful of your website structure. A search engine ranks your website through how it operates. When your website has content that is easily read and understood, there is a higher chance for it to be ranked higher. Also, it helps if your sit uses unique page titles, H1 tags, and meta descriptions. Those things will help search engines rank you more accurately.
  • One of search engines’ results formula is the website’s age. They say websites are like fine wine. Probably because in this very crowded world where websites are just about everywhere, it is already a big deal if you can last for many years and still generate traffic. The older a website is, given that its contents are still relevant and it is constantly being updated, the better ranking it gets. If you’re one of the websites who have been around for quite a while, it is a must to keep up with the times and keep your standing intact as well.

A website is only as good as its contents. To make people visit it, it has to be interesting and informative. Time is more valuable now that our lives are so fast paced. We tend to skimp on it and only spend it on things we need or things we know can help us.

As much as possible, keep your website rich in content. Market your content, share relevant tips and promote your products at the same time. You can write your own press releases, produce articles to guest post on industry-related blogs and maybe take online courses about SEO marketing and how to improve your website ranking.

When you focus your mind on your business and really make it a goal to keep it as good as it gets, no matter how challenging, it is never impossible. Remember that all types of businesses, be it online or offline, needs proper maintenance and be always up to date to keep doing well. In the case of online business, quality and unique content, effective SEO marketing and good ranking are what it takes to make it work.

Tips On Hiring The Best SEO Company

Tips On Hiring The Best SEO Company

When you take your website marketing seriously, you have probably thought of finally hiring a professional SEO company.

The fundamental bits and parts of digital marketing can be quite overwhelming that it is not easy to learn. You might just end up wanting to pay for someone who you know can do the job effectively for you.

Now that online marketing is a norm, SEO companies seem to be just about anywhere. They could be messaging you to promote their services, or you could be the one scouring the World Wide Web to look for them yourself. However you might find it, it is always best to have a guide or criteria to help you decide which of them is perfect for what you want for your company.

  • Just because they have a great website does not automatically mean they are the best SEO company. Remember, website design and development is different from Search Engine Optimization. While they are very closely related, they do not mean the same thing. You still have to ask for their portfolio, or other proofs about their work for other companies.
  • Read reviews.As in shopping online, it is imperative to check reviews online, or even testimonials to at least have an idea of what they can offer. Usually, the reviews you can see online are reputable enough, as people are generally honest when they do them. They will unlikely promote a company that gave them bad service.
  • Make a list of what your company needs. SEO companies vary because of the services they offer. Usually, they have packages you can choose from. There are instances when a number of SEO companies provide the same set of packages. In such cases, it will be easier to choose which company to hire when they have different prices for the same packages. Of course, you get to choose the most affordably priced of them all.

SEO Company

However, when they have the same pricing, that is where you should take more effort in reviewing their services. Perhaps you can ask if they have value-added services, perks for first time customers, etc.

  • Schedule for a consultation.Most SEO companies offer this for free. This is where they will try to sell their services and convince you to hire them. You should then ask questions about their services and also make as much clarifications as you deem necessary. It is important to let them what you need, what budget you have, and most essentially, if they can provide it within your means.
  • Get multiple consultations from different companies. It is helpful to check as much SEO companies as you can. You can know them better and have a glimpse of how they operate when you actually talk to them. It is necessary to have a couple of choices before actually plunging to a contract with a single company. Aside from reviews found online, it is best to have firsthand experience by setting an appointment with them.
  • Ask for a list of their past and current clients. This one will surely help you narrow down your choices. If you ask for their analytics and results, they might not give you exactly that, as some results can be considered confidential. Also, you have to remember that companies’ needs vary, which means strategies in SEO marketing will also vary.
  • When you know who their clients are, see how they do and ask for references if possible. This can be tricky, as a company they have worked for can be your direct competitor. If not, this will be an easy task. You can also just look at the web to see if these companies make the cut in the ranking. If so, then you know they really are good at their job.
  • Ask if they can help you improve your ranking in local search engine results. This one factor is often overlooked, but is just as equally important as all the others. If your business has a huge chunk of its clients in your local area, it is essential to improve your search engine ranking to generate more traffic and even attract new customers.
  • Ask them how they know if a particular SEO strategy is successful. While you are at it, you can also ask them what SEO strategies they offer to clients. Ask about how quick the turnaround is, and how long before the results actually reflect on the search engine ranking. If you can sense that their promise is too good to be true, do not fall for it. Run as fast as you can, if you could. The more reasonable their answers are about how they operate, the more you can trust them
  • Be aware of their fees and payment terms. With this one, you should make sure that both you and the company are on the same page. Know how flexible they are with their payment terms, and be ready to perhaps compromise to their terms. While it might not be as you want it to be, if you think they are worth it, then by all means go for it.

In choosing the SEO company, instead of looking for the best, make it more a priority to look for the company that is right for you. What is the best for other businesses might not be the best for you, as you might have different needs.

You have to choose an SEO company that shares the same values and ideas as your company. If you have the same objectives, it is a given that things will fall into place and you will have a great working relationship. The results will turn out best when you share the same principles, which is always good for the business.

Also, you have to make sure their consultants and marketing officers will share with you what changes they will make on your website. To achieve good SEO results, tags and meta descriptions have to be altered, given those are where the problems come from.

As a conclusion, take your time in choosing a reliable and trustworthy SEO company before actually signing and committing on a contract. Do a research, read reviews online and make a choice using actual SEO results.

How To Market Your Website In Canada

How To Market Your Website In Canada

Anywhere you may be, e-commerce is surely a great deal in the business world and the economy. Canada is absolutely not an exception.

It is even among the very first countries to fully embrace digital marketing, SEO, as well as other types of online businesses and e-commerce enterprises.

There is basically just a few ways to market a business site wherever you might be located in. Website marketing and promotions share a common objective everywhere in the world. Then again, the difference it might have is the variety of interests people might have according to where they live.

Of course, the target market or audience is always the number one priority. They make up your business, and at the same time can also very well break your business if you allow it to.

In Canada, as a specific example, there might be strategies that will work there perfectly but would not help as much in other places.

Highway Signpost "Web Marketing"

How do top Canada-based websites market themselves?

  • Make the most of Google. Verify and update your Google Local Business listing. Remember to also link your website there so people know how and where to exactly find you. Nowadays, even conventional offline businesses use the internet to market their items and services.
  • Use the good old press releases. Contrary to popular belief that press releases cannot work anymore during this so-called Computer Age, they still do. Of course, press releases should now reflect the current trends and interests of the new generation. There are still free press release sources around that you can check out.
  • Start your own business blog. People are smarter now. They tend to research the web for information about a certain product or service that have piqued their interest. This is why rich content is now a must for every business site. Not only will you be able to inform people about your product’s edge among the others, it is also a great way to promote. As they say “promote not just the product but also the problem it solves.”
  • Make sensible, original comments on popular websites. Be sure that these comments are well thought of and relevant to the content. It will also help to only comment on sites that also reflect your own. Put your website’s URL to enable people to get to it. In turn, it could also be a way to improve your SEO ranking and generate more traffic.
  • Social media marketing integration. Be everywhere. In Facebook, there is an option to boost your post to be able to reach more people who are part of your target audience. Aside from Facebook, businesses have also began using Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Always include interesting one liners and relevant images on your posts to make sure you lure them enough to make them visit your website.
  • Market your content. If you have been providing content from day one, you might want to amp that up a bit and also market it. Always include write ups that are relevant to what you are selling. If people realize how much information they can gain when on your site, it is only natural that they will keep coming back for more.
  • Do not forget the importance of customer service. If you have none yet, consider developing your very own customer care department. Short on workforce? Just do it yourself. Keep in mind that your customers are the main reasons why you are still surviving in online business. It is not always easy to give in to their demands or caprices, but when you have the thinking of how they make up your business, it will be way easier to deal with them. Make sure they have a good time. Referrals and word of mouth can still work in this technical age.
  • Keep banner ads to a minimum. We know it is how you earn, but when your customers and even site visitors are being constantly bombarded by countless pop ups and banner ads, they might get annoyed and leave. They might not even frequent your website anymore if they are among the people who are easily irritated with such things. If you must keep the ads, keep them to the minimum. Always make sure they have a delightful time every time they visit your website.
  • Offer a reward to make them sign up on your newsletter or register on your website. It can be a few discount on an item, anything you think can attract first timers to keep going back to your business site. With this one, you can combine social media marketing. Use your social networks to market your new offers and then go from there.
  • Back up reviews and recommendations about your business. Oftentimes, people who are in doubt when buying online see product reviews as their guide if a particular company or website is trustworthy enough. Make sure you have proofs of legitimacy and smooth transactions.

While not exactly easy yet not very challenging, promoting a business website is always a task that needs both research and laser focus. You should always consider what target market you have to reach, and to always be mindful of the content you publish to gain interest.

As with any type of business, promotions and marketing need to be done as carefully planned as possible. The advantage of online marketing is how easy it is to disseminate information, although that one can be deemed one of its disadvantages as well.

The clincher is to be updated with the trends. To reach out to your customers is to get to know them by heart. What will interest them, what will attract them, and most of all, what your business can offer to be able to help them. In marketing, remember what has driven you to start the business in the first place, so you’ll keep that objective as your motivation when you start brainstorming for marketing strategies.

There are far more things you can do to market your business online. As mentioned above, be updated with the trends and keep it as interesting as you know your clients would want it. Prospects usually depend on customers who are using your products or services in local searches. If you are targeting a specific country like Canada, consistent local website marketing is extremely necessary.  Digital marketing SEO

Using SEO To Rank A Website In Canada

Using SEO To Rank A Website In Canada

Way back before e-commerce and other online businesses have taken the world by storm, we did not care much about the internet. Sure, it was not called the “Information Highway” for nothing. It was also a means of communication. But it was quite a welcome surprise that it could be used to run businesses from just about anywhere in the world.

Now that digital marketing is the trend, both online and offline businesses are investing in website design and marketing. To fully penetrate in the online business world is to reach millions of people around the globe, given that you are seriously focused in your website ranking.

Search engines have quickly turned into go-to sites as they seem to have an answer for anything and everything. It is how students research, how we look for home remedies for all sorts of sicknesses, how we check the stocks, everything. It is so rampant that businesses invest so much in having a high rank in them, and very understandably so.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing has been invented, and has remained to be a must-have for any business that wishes to invest in online promotions.

A good SEO ranking is always great for any business. It represents the status of your business and the popularity of your website among the whole internet population. In the case of Canada-based websites, a high SEO rating means you have successfully made a name for your business in your country. Wherever you may be located at the moment, a good SEO ranking is essential to be sure you thrive in such a competitive world.

How SEO ranking workHow exactly does SEO ranking work in Canada?

  • In Canada, there is a website called It is perhaps one of the most trusted website to check out when you want to check how your business is doing in the web. They provide tips and tricks for businesses to pick up if they think there are rooms for improvement for their ranking.
  • Since Google is the most visited search engine, you can first concentrate on it before going to the others. Google has been such a big name online, that it keeps being the standard. For example, Google Canada is so popular that its frequent visitors do not just include people from the said country. Some of its visitors are from the US and even China. If you manage to have a good ranking in Google Canada, you can already take comfort in the fact that your website can also reach out to potential customers from other parts of the world.
  • Be mindful in using keywords. Keywords can rightfully be referred to as SEO’s backbone. You have to use fresh keywords for your website content, and make it as specific as possible. This will make your website easily searched for, and will not compete with other sites using generic keywords. For example, instead of just using a generic “cleaning services”, you can use a more specific “HVAC cleaning services Alberta”. As a general rule of thumb, the more specific, the better.
  • Keywords should be used often, but it is also important not to overuse them. While it certainly is a criteria where SEO ranking is based on, overusing keywords will make your content sound forced. Worse, it can even ban your website for spamming. Just remember to keep it as natural sounding as possible.
  • Make sure your website loads reasonably fast. Thankfully, this one is easy to do as there is now a free online tool called Pingdom. You can use it to check your website’s load speed. Take note that the resolution of the images you include in your website posts affect the loading speed. You have to remember that while it is always good to use rich images, the load speed should still be considered.
  • Use a local web hosting company. If you’re based in Canada, use a hosting company from where you are located. This is especially true if most of your customers are from your place. It will make your site load faster, which is always a delightful experience for your clients.
  • Incorporate rich content. Now that websites are just about everywhere, it all depends on what your website can offer to its visitors. Try to make your website as interesting and informative as possible. It is not enough to just put press releases and your items there. It will help generate traffic when you include interesting content that is also relevant to what you are promoting. There is a popular business saying that goes “Instead of selling the product, sell the problem it solves.”
  • Make use of backlinking. SEO ranking is also determined by the number of links that directly goes to your website. The more backlinks your website has, the more it shows how much other websites trust you. It will show search engines that you have relevant content. Now that backlinking has become so popular, there are several websites offering link exchange. They provide backlinks for you, and you do that for them as well.
  • Keep your contents updated. This one should already be a given, but most websites still seem to overlook. People’s interests keep changing through time. Trends change fast, and it is vital that your website reflects these changes. If you lose your market’s interest, it can be dangerous for your rating.

In SEO marketing, content and keywords are two very important things. One research even said that “Content is king.” That means we should take content marketing very seriously, too.

Looking to the tips above, we can only conclude one thing: your website’s SEO ranking will depend on you. How much you work on it, how much you update it. Any business requires its own set of maintenance measures to keep it working well, and when it comes to websites keeping its stand in this fast paced world, SEO ranking is the number one maintenance it needs.

There are plenty of studies available online, at the comfort of your own fingertips, which can help you improve you knowledge in digital marketing. Take the time to know your market and how to please them. Be updated with current trends and then you can go from there.